Reduce Costs

Reduce operational costs by more than 60% and enjoy fast R.O.I. in 2 months

Accelerate Operations

Save 8’ per invoice by switching to e-invoicing, while making your work easier and a lot more simple

Improve Visibility

Say bye to lost invoices, with invoice status-tracking through the platform

Go Paperless – Save Paper

Eliminate paper-based operations and reduce your company’s environmental footprint

The simplest and most reliable solution for e-books update for the Tax Authorities

Automated interconnection with the Independent Public Revenue Authority, which includes a comprehensive platform that combines Electronic Invoicing, EDI and updating of the MyDATA portal, for immediate and reliable sending of documents:

Documents Mapping

... for tax and deduction codes, transaction type, branches, country codes, etc.

Document management for the Sender

… through the service portal that includes documents pertaining to the sender’s transactional activities

Document management for the Receiver

… through the service portal that includes the receiver’s documents, from where he marks his own summary entries with the necessary revenue / expenditure code according to the Tax Authorities

Sending of summary entries

… where it is possible for both the sender and the receiver to either send a summary record manually or on schedule

Reporting Logging Notifications

... such as display of the summary book according to Tax Authorities guidelines, summarized and detailed Logging, notification to transmit summaries, etc.

Certified solution for electronic invoicing

Retail@Link was officially certified as Peppol Access Point for the dispatch of electronic documents and their reception by Public Bodies, applying all the rules to ensure the security and accuracy required by the protocol.


Curious How it Works?

Start it today!

More than 55,000 companies are currently using the R@L e-Invoicing Paperless to manage their invoices electronically! Issue invoices from any ERP system and the service will automatically deliver them to your customers, safely archive them and notify you when they are successfully donwloaded by the recipients! Wonder how it works? Watch the video!

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The service automatically recognizes which invoices must be delivered electronically to paperless receivers and which need to be physically printed


Gain access to invoice status-tracking and be in control of who opened-previewed and downloaded your invoices


Easily expand your e-invoicing network by sending connection requests to every customer that registers into the service


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