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What I gain at a glance...


reduction of invoicing costs (paper, envelopes, postage)


months return on investment


average handling time vs 8-12' for paper handling


cost of every e-invoice vs 2 - 5€

10 essential benefits for the business

Simplification of document issuance process

Automatic real time update of the myDATA platform

Abolition of tax mechanisms (EAFDSS), simplification of the equipment

e-portal of access to intangible documents

Optional not use of printing

Archive with maximum security in the cloud

Fully digitized Retail Sale (electronic receipt & payment, without tax mechanism, without "Z")

Uninterrupted commercial activity (even if there is no internet or the AADE portal does not work)

Guaranteed delivery and proof of reading of sent documents

Enhancing cash flow, speeding up repayment time

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Why Entersoft

17 years at the heart of the supply chain

providing e-invoicing & EDI services

Software tested on big data

> 50,000,000 documents and 6,000,000 EDI messages per year

The biggest network of interconnected businesses

> 55,000 traders in 12 countries

Certified e-Invoicing Provider by the Greek Tax Authorities

Electronic Invoicing

Safety, confidentiality and trustworthiness of Data Exchange Services

ISO 27001 certification

Support for electronic invoicing of the Public sector

certification as a Peppol Access Point

Strong infrastructure for servicing senders and receivers

technical and managerial

Huge experience

in complex projects


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